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when was the last time you took the temperature of your business & communications strategy?

[UPDATE] We asked you, "when was the last time you considered your business and communications strategy?" And then we asked ourselves the same question and decided to make some changes. So now, you can find Moses at Oohs & Aahs where he is injecting some mojo into small and medium-sized businesses and Eddie at 3EcoBees focusing on Sustainable communications. We look forward to seeing you at our new locations!

Life has changed and so has the way we all live communicate and do business. If you haven't refreshed your businesses communication, sustainability & visibility strategy recently, we got news for you…you're going to get left behind. So what can you do about it? Embrace the new world of the empowered consumer.

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Chama is a different kind of company; we see the world through "strategic information fast lane" kind of glasses. The kind that put you in front and in touch with your customers the way they want to interact and connect today. Consumers today live in a super connected world where they are interacting, doing business and evolving their exchanges daily. The methods used to get their attention 10 years ago, don't apply to today. Technology has changed our world and is rapidly picking up speed, so how can your business keep up and not lose market share to savvier competitors? Bad news: it can't, unless you evolve and adopt strategies to meet the changing marketplace. Good news: This is where we come in….

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Where is your business going? What new markets are opening, and how are your existing products and services meeting the lifestyle wants and needs of the modern consumer? In a volatile and rapidly changing economy, strategy provides clear direction for where you want to go, and helps you find one when you haven’t got a clue.


You have a nice website, think you're done? Think again. With millions of websites online, if you don't have a 'visibility strategy' that includes, emerging technologies, good development, design, usability, a strong brand and powerful communication tools all working seamlessly together to get you results, than your business will be standing at the back of the line, waiting to get noticed. Customers don't interact with advertising the way they did before, effective marketing today means being visible when and where your customers are.


Consider for a minute how many mobile phones you have owned in the last few years: three, four, more? Have you refreshed your business communications strategy, just as often? Have you adapted to new and emerging technologies? If you're not reaching your customers where they work, live and play, you may be at risk of falling silent, being ignored or quietly disappearing. If you don't want to be tossed like your old phone, you need to get and stay plugged in.


The sustainable revolution is poised to provide one of the greatest business opportunities since the industrial revolution and consumers are already reacting with conscious purchasing decisions. As global citizens we are all linked to the world we create and leave for generations to follow, and with increasing environmental concerns we all need to do our part. Is your business prepared to join the fold, gain from and contribute to a triple bottom line?

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Eddie Correia Eddie Correia Eddie Correia, is a Ms. not a Mr., has a background in information systems and international business. She recently cofounded 3EcoBees, an environmental consultancy focused on practical development of sustainable projects and policies. Eddie is also a journalist and photographer, and a life long student who continues to expand her studies. When not working or playing, she can usually be found immersed in learning something new.


Moses Mehraban is an entrepreneur & creative marketer focusing on web strategies and emerging technologies. He has a solid track record providing innovative marketing and advertising solutions to forward thinking businesses and is regularly concocting fresh and contagious ideas to tackle a new project or problem. He loves jazz and is an admitted food and chocoholic. Moses

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